Chevo's Core Service Offerings

Chevo provides services to help our clients Change and evolve their organization, portfolio, and programs. These services include strategic planning, requirements analysis, acquisition management, capital planning, project management, organization change, and implementation oversight. Chevo has five defined Service Areas: Strategic, Acquisition, Portfolio, Project, and Financial Management; providing industry experts, best practices, methodologies, processes, and templates to assist our clients.

Core Services

Advising clients on strategies, studies, and analyses; collaborating with stakeholders to understand the big picture, and implementing recommendations through practical guidance, “quick wins,” and phased improvements.

• Agency and IT Strategic Planning
• Organizational Change Management
• Business Process Optimization
• Research and Analysis
• Benchmarking
• Feasibility and Delivery Studies
• Legislative Impact Assessments
• Strategy Implementation


Providing non-inherently governmental professional services in support of planning, conducting, and supporting the entire federal acquisition lifecycle.

• Acquisition Planning & Market Research
• Independent Cost Estimation
• Solicitation Development & Support
• Contract Administration & Closeout

Assisting organizations in improving the value of their IT portfolio through the strategy, management, and maturity of their investments, programs, projects, processes, and activities.

• Portfolio Assessment & Prioritization
• IT Governance
• Technology Business Management (TBM)
• Capital Planning & Investment Control (CPIC)
• ITIM Assessments & Maturation
• Performance Integration
• Dashboarding 
• Investment Review Boards

Providing services ranging from upfront planning to implementing corrective actions, with PMP-certified consultants translating best practices into concrete, practical actions.

• PMO Implementation & Operation
• Scope and Requirements Management
• Financial & Budget Management
• Schedule & Earned Value Management
• Business Cases/Exhibit 300s
• Cost-Benefit Analysis
• Acquisition Management
• Enterprise Architecture
• Risk Management
• Security & Privacy
• Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V)

Supporting clients’ acquisition, financial management, grant administration, and internal control needs; providing subject matter experts to serve as advisors to clients in complying with policies mandated by various oversight agencies.

• Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution (PPBE)
• FMS and Shared Service Planning
• Migration Assessments and Requirements Management Support
• Business Process and IV&V Support
• Internal Controls and Compliance
• Financial Operations, Strategy, and Transformation